“Get Out” is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. A horror movie set in modern times that might scare some, but isn’t scared itself to call out modern racism.

This movie opens with Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta) around a white suburb. He gets picked up by an old Porsche that’s playing old timey music and is never to be seen again…. After its prologue, Get Out focuses its shift on Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams) who have been dating for quite some time and as Chris prepares to visit Rose’s (all-white) family for the first time only to arrive to a massive estate with many workers who seem to be people of color. Things with Rose’s family as not as rainbows-and-butterflies as they may seem to a typical outsider and Chris is determined to figure out the truth.

One of the more interesting parts of Get Out is the dashes of cringe comedy that Peele effortlessly put into the film accompanying it with the brash reality that is racism in America. Social-Horror is what I would use to describe this film. Even for those not into horror, all could have something to gain from it.


That said, the horror is more psychological/tonal so prepare yourself for that before immersing yourself into this world. Peele has said himself that “the villain of this movie, the true monster, is the white liberal elite that have perpetuated a culture of permissiveness when it comes to systemic racism.” A permanent and strong social message, flawless acting from all cast members and a few kicks and gigs here and there ( LilRel Howery as Chris’s best friend actually kills it in every scene he’s in), Get Out is a must-see for all.


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