The mission of JULIE is to educate and empower the young women of southwest Missouri over the social issues they face and feminism in a fun, honest, and provocative way.

The goal of JULIE is to talk about the experiences of all women from all backgrounds. We want to bring to light issues that women deal with that are typically frowned upon or swept under the rug.

We are a tool of the feminist movement to shatter stigmas and tear down double standards.

History & Goals

Growing up in Southwest Missouri, I felt alone as a liberal, a feminist, and an atheist. I couldn’t wait to get out and move to a big city where I could be surrounded by people more like me.

Long story short, life happened and I found myself at 25 still living in Joplin and actually (surprisingly) being happy here. I had a dream job at a magazine, a cool apartment within walking distance to downtown, an awesome friend group, a great boyfriend, a cute cat, and just a super fun life. Everything I had ever wanted from the city, I had found in my hometown. My only complaint was that I was constantly surrounded by Christian Conservatives and often felt uncomfortable expressing myself.

After the tragic events of November 8, 2016, I was added to a newly-founded, private feminist group on Facebook with over 300 people from all from the Joplin area. It suddenly dawned on me that – despite entire city blocks lined with Trump/Pence signs – there were a lot of women like me in my town outside of my friend group. It occurred to me that a problem in our community was that liberal people were afraid to come forward with their beliefs, and so we’d all been living in seclusion from each other. And I can see why. They might lose their job for speaking out. They might lose customers at their business. They might lose friends. They might be the only Democrat in their family. I have personally dealt with a few of these struggles.

Then, a couple weeks later, I was chatting it up with my 16-year-old coworker at my side job, Jimmy Johns. Every time I worked with her, she had some new grand ambition for her life. She was going to open her own store. She was going to be a Youtube celebrity. She was going to be a lawyer that helped make marijuana legal in all 50 states. She always had some big life plan and nothing holding her back because she was so young and the world hadn’t beaten her down yet. One day, I started rambling on to her about my lifelong dream of starting a badass magazine for badass girls. I told her how with my experience in journalism, I had seen a lot of what goes on behind the scenes for a publication and what things tend to go right and what things tend to go wrong. As I talked to her, I realized that I already knew exactly what I needed to do. I also realized, “Oh shit, I could ACTUALLY do this. It’s not impossible.” I went in the group chat with my three best friends, very REAL and WOKE ASS females, and asked them, “Um, if I started a magazine for women like us, would y’all be willing to help me?” After an emphatic “YASSSS QUEEN!!!” from everyone, I started jotting down notes in my phone for how it would all go down, and the next day JULIE was born.

My ultimate goal for JULIE is to be a public platform for women who feel their beliefs are left of center in our Midwestern community. And, for the aforementioned reasons, the contributors to JULIE are allowed to publish under pseudonyms or anonymously. I want JULIE to show young people in the area that they aren’t alone, and there is large population of modern, forward thinking individuals living in their neighborhoods. And since there’s no publication out there specifically for us, I decided to make my own. I hope you enjoy!