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You have seen the spellbinding images of Vera Imago Photography and Vera Imago After Dark grace your newsfeed, and we are proud to announce that Julie Joplin got to visit with owner Dori Hackleman for the May 2017 Business of the Month!

What is Vera Imago Photography? What types of photography do you specialize in? 


Vera Imago Photography specializes in weddings, couples, maternity and lifestyles. I love doing weddings because I love photographing the love and happiness that two people share for their special day, and I tend to get a little emotional on these days because it alway takes me back to my wedding and all those feelings and emotions. Families are very important to me as well because I love capturing those special moments between parents and children. There is nothing quite like the bond parents have with their children share.



Tell us about Vera Imago After Dark.

Vera Imago After Dark is my not so family friendly side of photography, but probably myBoudior2 favorite as well. I mainly do boudoir photography and a lot of concept photography on that page and boudoir photography is so much fun for me. I love doing doing boudoir because not only can I get super creative with it, but the biggest thing for me is showing these women that I photograph, how beautiful and powerful they are. I have had many clients tell me that after their session, they were so comfortable with me and I made it really easy and that means the world to me. Boudoir photography is not all about just taking photos of women in lingerie, it’s about making that woman feel good in her own skin and showing her that she doesn’t have to be a certain size in order to be beautiful inside and out. It is something that I am slowly working on myself, but in the meantime, I am just helping other women find their inner goddess.



My concept photography is my creative outlet and I have met some really great people through that. I love when people come to me with different ideas and working that out and then creating a story to tell through photographs. Blythe Whittaker has really helped me bring a lot of these visions to life because she is so crafty and has such a passion for creating art and that in turn helps get really passionate as well. All of my clients, no matter what kind of session I am doing, really help me get creative and I love getting to meet new people through photography.


What or who are some of your creative influences?

I am a huge fan of Ryan Muirhead Photography for more concept stuff, Ashley Nicole Photography for boudoir, her work is stunning! Twyla Jones Photography for families and just overall capturing amazing moments in general, she has a gift of capturing the most beautiful in-the-moment photographs. I also find a lot of inspiration and influence from local photographers as well! I am a big fan of Honey + Pine Photography by Tyffanie Rogers and also Todd Steere out of Springfield. Not to sound too cheesy, but I also draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings or I see a certain person that has a certain look and I get an image in my head of a photo and then I have to go through the different ways that I am going to contact said person to do a photo shoot and not sound creepy, haha!
Take us through your background as a photographer and how you started Vera Imago Photography and Vera Imago After Dark.

I started out doing film in TV production class, and I had a really great teacher and he pushed me to really get creative and always take it to the next level and encouraged all my ideas that I had and would teach me how to execute these ideas. A few other videographers and I made music videos for local bands for a while, but I slowly got burnt out on that and did not pick up a camera for a while. Then one day, I decided to pick up an old camera that I had lying around and started taking pictures of nature. Then I had some really close friends of mine request that I take their family Easter photos and although I was very hesitant to do it because I had never taken photos of people, they insisted that I do it and had all the confidence in me to do so. From there, I just started finding friends and family that were kind enough to let me practice on them and thus was born, Vera Imago Photography.



After Dark  started about a year ago with Rachael Beasley who also started her modeling venture that same day as well. I had done some boudoir stuff and I loved it, but up until fairly recently, it was not something that people really looked for or knew was an option. Now, I am so happy that boudoir is becoming more and more popular and that more women are wanting to do it.

How can people contact you for a shoot?

You can contact me through either of the photography pages on Facebook, depending on what you want to do or if you have no idea what you want to do, but you know you want to do a fun shoot, I would be more than happy to work with you on an idea.


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