I Didn’t Think I Needed to Read it Either

By Vanessa Copeland

I’m sure you’ve either seen this book shared by your girlfriends on Facebook, had one of GWYFyour girlfriends tell you that you need to read this book or have been given this book as a gift. And, if you’re anything like me, you have scrolled past those Facebook posts, lied and told your girlfriends that it is definitely on your list of fall reading, or regifted that gift. It’s just that self-help books are not my thing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not at all above self-improvement or under the delusion that I have it all figured out. I have just never felt like the answers I seek are available for purchase for $13.79 on Amazon Prime 1-Click. However, after my sister did press the 1-Click and could not stop raving about the book, finished it in a New York minute and offered to loan it to me, I finally ceded. I mean she is on the short list of people whose opinions I actually care about and seek out.

“I peed my pants last week.” That is Chapter 1, line 1. So me, the chick who had already started her self-discovery journey five years prior, the girl who had avoided this book at every turn, the woman who doubted this book would have anything new to say, read that one six word sentence and knew she was meant to read this book. One of my favorite things abut this self-help book is that it really doesn’t feel like a self-help book. It feels like sitting around with your girlfriends, drinking a bottle of wine, and unapologetically admitting everything you’ve ever wanted to admit to them, to yourself, and to the world. It feels like finally someone understands what you’ve been through, what you’re going through and shows the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. And the best part is, you don’t need to be “going through” anything to get a positive experience from this book. One of the reasons I didn’t think I needed to read this book is because I am completely content with my life. Granted, there are always things I want to continue to improve and small things I may, at times, wish were different. For the most part, I am utterly in love with my life. Why would a person like that need a self-help book? What you will quickly discover is that there are things in this book you have wanted to tell the women in your life who are struggling and couldn’t find the right words. You will realize that she calls you out on shit that you still have yet to admit to yourself, but above all else, you will realize that no one has it all together all of the time, it is ok to struggle, and it is more than ok to fail.

I thoroughly enjoy the theme of this books which is lies: the lies we tell ourselves, the lies we are told by society, by media, our family, etc. and the one important truth: we are responsible for who we become and the happiness we experience. Each chapter is a lie, how it has affected or is affecting her life, and the steps she took/is taking to overcome it. I guess that’s why it qualifies as a self-help book. You will likely find yourself grinning like an idiot, maybe getting a little misty-eyed when that one lie hits too close to home or pondering yourself and your life. I fully recommend that all women read this. You will not completely identify with all her situations, but you are likely to be reminded of someone with each story. This is a fun, easy read that has the potential to be life changing. That seems like $13.79 well spent.

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