Subliminal Beauty

By Krystal Lambert

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 10.29.01 PMSylvia Rose Grotheer was always a vivid dreamer, even as a child.

“As a little kid I was always in these weird moods, always fascinated by witches and magic and animals, everything spooky and gory and strange. I was always drawing pictures of dragons and witches and things like that.”

That aesthetic and vision translates beautifully into every piece of her pottery. If you have had a chance to stop into Bookhouse Cinema in the last few months you may have seen some of her work. Sylvia combines colorful and ethereal painting with the functionality of ceramic mugs, plates, and jars. She says she loves how accessible pottery is, that even a person with limited means can afford to buy a piece of her art and be able to use it on a daily basis. She makes a point to keep most of her work in the $30-$40 range which, considering how beautiful and unique it is, is an extremely fair price.

“I’ve always thought art was really fun but never thought I would be able to do anythingimage1 (4) with it. I tried using a pottery wheel when I was in High School and enjoyed it, just didn’t think it was anything sustainable.”

Sylvia was planning to study Horticulture in college, but didn’t find a program around this area. This is when she shifted her focus to clay and making ceramics. She found that creating something was not only satisfying, but easier than she thought.

“It’s addictive,” she said. “Like a tattoo.”

Her creative process often begins simply by staring out the window and imagining things. There are several steps in the process before a piece is finished, and a million things that could go wrong in between. She says this is both frustrating and exciting.

“My inspiration comes mainly from nature and feminine figures. Women convey such a gentle, transcendent beauty naturally. I want to convey the subliminal beauty of a woman in context, and not sexualized. I’ve just always found women beautiful. They have a spiritual magic about them, and its the same with nature. If you think of the power and anger that can be behind nature, the scary and violent things that can happen in the world, its the same kind of power that women have.”

image3 (2)I’ll let Sylvia’s work do the rest of the talking, because words just won’t do it justice. If you are interested in purchasing some of her ceramics, you can find them at Bookhouse Cinema. She also accepts commissions, as long as its not something super lame like a sportsball mug.

Find her on Facebook: Sylvia Rose Grotheer

Instagram: sylviasunflower



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