An Open Letter to My Son & Nieces

By Vanessa Copeland

I hope you always choose to be kind. I hope you are able to tell the difference between being kind and being friendly. I hope you realize that there are friendly people who are not kind and that there are kind people who are not friendly. If you must choose one, I hope you choose to be kind.

I hope you always feel confident enough to be genuinely yourself. I hope you only smile when you feel like it. I hope you cry when you want to. I hope you act silly more than is expected. I hope that others see how true you are to yourself that they want to be that true also.

I hope you never need to be validated by a lover. I hope that you love yourself so much that you show others what self-love should look like. I hope that you never settle for less than you want simply to say you have something. I hope that if you are being half-loved by someone you choose to walk away. I hope that not finding your someone does not stop you from loving your life.

I hope you make mistakes and lots of them. I hope you give your whole heart to someone and they break it right in two. I hope you learn the lessons those mistakes will give you. I hope you take the pain of your heartache and know that it hurts so much because you loved with all you had. I hope the failures and the pain never stop you from risking it all over again. I hope you never let fear keep you from trying anything.

I hope that you never have to face discrimination. I hope that you are never evaluated based on your gender, based on your race, based on the way you choose to dress, or on the contents of your bank account. I hope that you are only ever judged by your actions, by your ideals and by the content of your heart. I hope those are the things that are important to you in the people you choose to surround yourself with.

I hope you are happy. I hope you find things that feed your soul and fill your heart. I hope you find a career that pays your bills and flames your passions. I hope you find the balance in life. I hope you play just as hard as you work, and I hope you work hard. I hope you find the value in a job well done just for the sake of doing it well.

I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know how proud I am to call you mine. I hope you are never afraid to call me when you’re in trouble. I hope you remember that when you need help, I will always be there. I hope you know that the world is better because you are in it. For you… I hope.

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