First Dance with Mary Jane

My mother brought her home

To me

When I was just 14

She wanted to chaperone

Make sure we were safe

I fell into giggles

And opaque bliss
The moment we kissed

My mind floating

My body

Made of the ocean
Her scent was strange

That day
Until it became

My favorite perfume
The fragrance of smiles

And solace
15 years later

I’m still dancing with her

Breathing her in

When she is with me

The world isn’t cruel

Or futile

As it seems

She paints visions of peace

In my psyche
In my sleep
Everything tastes like a feast

Every cigarette so sweet

Every touch is ecstasy

Every song

A fucking symphony

She holds the keys
To see the future

To savor the present

To soothe the past

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