Local Only Fans Club – Pt. 5 – Luci

Our fifth OnlyFans creator we are featuring is Luci! Luci found OnlyFans pretty easy when she started her account after hearing it was a good way to make extra money. And it is, from what we hear from all of our OnlyFans creators. Being brought up in a technological world, Luci was already used to apps like Kik and Snapchat. 

“When you’ve already been taking pictures like this and handing them out for free, why not make people pay for them now?” And, she has a good point. Which is why the creation of OnlyFans has really helped a lot of women not only make extra money, but also gaining confidence, finding the beauty in their bodies and improving their networks and communities. 

Women are actually taking the power of their bodies back. Luci further discussed this topic and said, “I feel like I’m taking back all those years I just handed these things out for free. It’s nice to make a market out of something that has such a high demand. Men HATE that they did this to themselves.” 

The insatiable urge men have to ask women for nudes created an entire market where men now have to pay to get the kind of nudes they desperately asked for in the middle of the night. “They created this market and now are still expecting free handouts when they’re the ones that gave us the idea. It’s very empowering,” she said. 

Empowering is a word that seems to be associated with OnlyFans creators. Women have always struggled to feet empowered by their bodies! Patriarchal standards have been pushed on women throughout history that instead made us compete to look the best. That competition drove a hate relationship with our own bodies. But, here we are, working our best to love ourselves and our bodies. 

“This has made me appreciate sex workers more and understand what they go though,” Luci added. “If it wasn’t for OnlyFans, I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear. Or walk proud.”

Luci said she’s always dealt with harassment, especially from men. “I’ve learned to just ignore it but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get to me sometimes.” She said that unsolicited pictures from men is what she hates. Or when she doesn’t hand them out a free link it’s names like “fat whore” or “dirty slut” thrown her way. 

Women get it on and offline. It’s that harassment that is unfortunately very common. 

However, women are taking our power back. One voice, one nude, one post at a time. 

Luci’s OnlyFans Link is below!


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