Local OnlyFans Club Pt. 6 – Sienna Fyre

Meet our next local OnlyFans creator, Sienna Fyre! Sienna decided to start an OnlyFans after leaving a very toxic and abusive relationship. Self-Esteem being at an all time low, she started her account in December 2020 but still didn’t put much content out there. A few months later after experiencing more bullshit from her ex, she decided to take her power back and began posting and sharing her content regularly on social media. Sienna said, “taking that first step to post was scary, but I don’t regret it.” 

“My theory is, I was already taking pictures/videos, many times for myself, and then they go to die in my camera roll,” Sienna mentioned. “Whether we like it or not, capitalism exists, and we all participate, might as well capitalize on MYSELF!”

Sienna’s content isn’t always consistent, mostly because she prioritizes her needs before spending her time on creating content. “Typically I post daily, some days you get multiple and then I may disappear for a day or two,” she said, mentioning she also earns about $200 a month. 

“I have come to love that people WANT to see the all natural me. Creating content for OnlyFans empowers me to love the body I’m in. Others find it beautiful and I’m often so hard on myself.” Sienna always mentioned how it amazes her that her most viewed pictures are the most risque. 

Being empowered as a woman is extremely important to their independence and dignity. “My body has survived years of abuse and neglect both from myself and from those who pretended to love me,” Sienna said. “It’s time for me to love it as much as everyone else, I absolutely feel like it’s taking my power back.”

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  1. patriarchy is designed in part to protect women from themselves. in a patriarchal society, it isn’t necessary for large numbers of normal women to resort to soft prostitution. the fact that you can view this is “empowering,” or really anything other than total self-abasement is further evidence that feminism is the greatest self-own in world history. congratulations on your equal rights and empowerment, now enjoy your consumer debt, infanticide, and prostitution.

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