Samantha Bee

By Krystal Lambert

My good friend Jacob (shout out) introduced me to Samantha Bee early this summer. He is a big fan of political commentaries and when he told me a woman (gasp) had taken the spot as one of his top faves I was excited and intrigued. I quickly began to see why. Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal is hilarious, insightful, scathing and intelligent. I have to admit, I was surprised at how good her content is. Even the most brazen feminist can have some built in sexism and I realize I am not immune. My first thought was “GOD let her be so funny and so intelligent that men won’t talk shit.” To my relief and delight, Full Frontal quickly began to grow in popularity to the point that her clips were being shared in my Facebook feed as frequently as John Oliver’s.

  Much like John Oliver’s show, the jokes are top notch but the information is even better. I learned so much from her segments on abortion that I found myself forcing everyone to watch them. I also appreciate that she doesn’t pretend to be unbiased. She is bold, profane, unapologetic, and unafraid to make fun of anyone who deserves it. Her team of writers are equally genius. Samantha Bee sort of replaced what I had been missing from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (rip). As the first woman to have her own satire political commentary I think she knocked it out of the fucking park.

  To quote the extremely difficult to please Rotten Tomatoes: “ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee adds a female perspective to late-night TV – and one that’s fresh and funny enough to deserve more than just one show a week.”

     While doing my research for this article, I came across some infuriating, although predictable criticism of Samantha’s show. While Rotten Tomatoes gave her a 100% rating (a difficult feat for any show) the comment section of IMDB read like a Fox News segment. “Bitter Leftist Bitch” “Whiny” “Crude, Dumb, Mean, and Simply Not Funny” were just some of the comments. Most of the critics had a problem with her “yelling too much”. Has anyone ever called Bill Maher “mean”? What about John Oliver “yelling too much”? It’s almost as if the world is still filled with sexist pricks who expect a woman to be sweet and delicate at all times, never say a curse word, and purr like a kitten while still offering some feminine eye-candy. So repubs have a full boner for Tomi Lahren when she is screaming racist, non factual garbage but even those who claim to be leftist are criticizing Samantha Bee for being “crude” or “mean”? Most of the comments began like “I’m a liberal but…..” and ended like “crude annoying bitch.”  Excuse me while my head spins around a few times.

     Rant over. For now. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

  If you don’t have access to TBS (the network her show is aired on), please treat yourself to some Youtube shorts of her show. This is usually how I am able to keep up with her show as I am a millennial and what even is cable tv?


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