Vanessa Lauren Fuentes

 How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I have a “specific style” my wardrobe is a collection of what has inspired me or who has inspired me over the years. Very heavy influenced on my mood as well.

What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

I really like a raincoat my grandma gave me this past Christmas it’s light and comfortable, tan and cute and feels very soft. I like when clothes feel good to the touch (is that weird?)

All – time?

I had this wool, very light yellow sweater that zipped up and had cute little white/ blue pattern that ran down the front by the zipper. I wore that sweater everyday until my grandma dried it in the dryer and it shrank. I probably would still have it today if that didn’t happen, haha2

Heels or flats?

Flats ! Only cause I’m tall already as is and I feel weird towering over people. Sometimes I take a chance and then ended up looking like a new born baby deer, wedges are my friend.

Favorite brands and shops?

I used to love Forever 21 years and years ago when they actually carried quality clothing for a fraction of the cost. I love Ross, TJ Maxx Express, Urban Outfitters, the Levi store, but for the most part I’m a thrifty shopper, always looking for good brands at the best cost. Some might consider that being a tight wad, but I rather spend my money on experiences (traveling, festivals, friend time, etc)

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?


I couldn’t say I have just one, that’s say too hard!! Drew Barrymore has always had a special spot in my heart over the years with her array of fashion and mostly her eccentric personality (swoon), Emma Watson is always effortlessly classy, Florence Welch’s ethereal androgynous flare (which resembles Stevie Nicks, hearts) gives me life

And Rihanna’s no f**** style is goals everyday!!


What do you splurge on?

I normally splurge on shoes because a good shoe can go a long ways and same with jeans!

Do you have any fashion rules?

Don’t be so caught up on “what’s in” or the “hottest new trend.” Discover what you enjoy, what you feel good in! Don’t limit yourself to labels and brand names because you could be limiting your full fashion potential.

Also a **HUGE** tip that I painfully came to understand myself is: buy clothes fit for your body. No matter how cute something is or how good it looks on another person, don’t force it. You end up with something that sits in your closet and never gets worn. Oh and NEVER gets discouraged about sizes!! I can be a 9 in one brand, but a 13 in another and rock both.

Love yo1urself and your flaws and the rest will follow.

Hair, makeup, style tips?

Always wash your face morning and night and moisturize! Always put on lotion after the shower, trust me! Always wear primer, you can never go wrong with a bold lip and simple eye. Look into cruelty free as well, save the animals!! That’s all I can think of ha!

*You can find Vanessa on Instagram at @baneseeey *


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