Thrift Store Junkie

By Jamie Lindsey

I can never understand why some people refuse to shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores fulfill my happiness and cravings for shopping. It is where I get a lot of my clothing, shoes, and home décor. These stores have so much to offer! They are basically a hand-me-down JC Penny. Need a desk? Thrift store. Need some curtains? Thrift store. How about a (must-have) little black dress? Get it at the thrift store!!

If you refuse to shop at thrift stores, I hope that while you read this you may actually start to consider hitting some up. Joplin has some pretty great shops that are all over town. These shops have hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Hopefully by you! I will (easily) be ranking the Top 5 Joplin thrift stores based on price, organization, and rad finds!


Half of Half Name Brand Clothing — 3015 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64804

I’m sure many people have seen this jewel hidden next to Motel 6 in Joplin. If you haven’t been inside, you may want to give yourself some time to browse because the place is pretty big. Let’s break down the reasons why this is number five on my list.

Price: 3/5. The prices here are not that bad. You will always find more expensive items and really cheap items at thrift stores. The prices of items here probably average around $5-$20 for regular clothing items.

Organization: 2/5. If you are OCD about organization, I would not advise you to go to this store. There is so much stuff everywhere. Some of their stuff is just scattered around and there is no clear organizational pattern. If you are a pro T.S. shopper, you’ll be fine. If you are a beginner, you may be overwhelmed by all the stuff that is everywhere. Fortunately, it is clear that the clothes are in the front, and everything else is on the sides or in the back.

Rad Finds: 2/5. There are some rad finds here. I have actually found some really nice Levi jeans in this store before. Prom dresses are also sold here at a big discount compared to what you would buy in the store. Other than that, I’m not always impressed with what they have to offer. Some of the clothes are outdated and not in style anymore. But, it’s all about your personal taste! Go check this place out!


Goodwill Store & Donation Center — 2102 N Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64801

Price: 4/5. The prices at Goodwill are pretty great. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $5 for a shirt, a skirt, or some pants. This is a great place to go if you are strict on your budget. If you are looking for a cheap shirt or a cute skirt for a night out, you may find what you are looking for at this store.

Organization: 5/5. This place is the place to go if you are looking for a specific item or color. They actually have all their shirts and blouses organized by color! It’s amazing! Sometimes I really am looking for a specific color to wear, and this store makes it easy. The shoes are all located in the same place. Shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses are all separate from each other which allows you to easily browse through the store, going after what you are looking for!

Rad Finds: 2/5. Although this place has great organization, the actual items in the store are mostly for older people. If you are looking for trendy, this is not the place to go. If you are looking for simple or professional, this is a good place to go. It has simple clothing, simple jewelry, simple shoes, simple purses. Go check it out when you have some extra time. They also take donations!


Plato’s Closet — 1313 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64801

Price: 4/5. This place is a great place to go if you want really cute clothes for cheap! People sell their nice, name-brand clothes and the store resells it for a cheaper price than it would be new. I have found some really nice clothes at this store for a really good price. Go here for some nice winter sweaters!! They will average around $8-$20.

Organization: 5/5. The organization here is pretty great. Clothing is organized by the type of item and the size. It is very easy to navigate this store and look for the items that you want! If you have not been to Plato’s, you need to go!

Rad Finds: 5/5. I will always find something I want to buy at this store. I will never leave empty-handed. Since the store only buys trendy clothes, you don’t have to weed through a bunch of clothing that isn’t stylish or “on-trend.” I have found really cute sandals, shorts, sweaters, and blouses here.


Red Rack’s DAV Thrift Store — 3262, 3132 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO 64804

Price: 4/5. However, the price really depends on the day. The great thing about this thrift store is that on Sundays they have a .50 sale. Usually, a certain color will be .50, while other colors will either be half off, or 75% off. If you want to spend less money and get more stuff, go to Red Racks on a Sunday. It will be a bit crowded, but it is worth it. I’ve come out of that store with bags and bags of items and only spend around $12. It’s pretty amazing.

Organization: 5/5.  There is so much stuff there, it could take you a couple hours to navigate and look through it all. The organization is great! Everything is labeled by item and size. My only issue on this is that there is not much room for two people with carts down each aisle. You may end up getting stuck if there are people on either side of you!

Rad Finds: 5/5. I have found some of my best clothes from this place! Even on .50 Sundays! There have been many times I have found Calvin Klein dresses (in REALLY good condition) for .50. Some of these items still have the tags on them! I think my best find was a really nice blazer. I bought it for .50 but the original price tag was around $150!! I couldn’t believe it! Sundays can be busy, but I suggest you do it at least once.


One thing to keep in mind when thrift store shopping is cleanliness, which is why I do understand why some people don’t shop at these stores. You ALWAYS want to clean whatever you buy before you use it. You need to sanitize things that you won’t wear, and wash clothing and shoes before you wear it. Even though most stores will clean the items before they sell it, you always want to be sure.

These are just a few of the great thrift stores Joplin has to offer. Go check out them out! Happy shopping!

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  1. Plato’s Closet is my favorite! I love TJ Maxx, but Plato’s is literally the next best thing, fashion wise, especially when it comes to price. Their rewards system is the bees knees, too!

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