Poor Gurl Makeup

by Krystal Lambert

A few years back, I got heavily addicted to watching make-up videos on the Youtubes. I even started my own channel for a while but got kind of bored of making videos, as I preferred watching them and it started to feel like a chore to make them. Point is, I have an arsenal of make-up knowledge due to those hours spent watching videos. I can’t teach you how to get your makeup to look airbrushed and perfect, but I can talk about my favorite make-up items until you’re annoyed and want to take a nap. I do know about the high-end Sephora shit, but honestly who has the money for that in this economy? (I sure don’t anymore.)

So let me give you my list of drugstore/cheap treasures that are JUST AS GOOD, IF NOT BETTER than the fancy shit.


-Girls and Boys, it is 2016 I shouldn’t have to lecture you on the wonders of Coconut Oil. cheapbeauty2Put that shit on your entire body, on your entire life, but most importantly, on your face. It has done wonders for my skin, but that’s a whole separate novel. You can find coconut oil at T.J. Maxx in the food section for super cheap and its always the fancy organic kind. I usually get a huge jar on clearance for around $5 and it lasts for at least 6 months. I use this as my moisturizer, my makeup remover, and it doubles as a primer for me. My best Queen Savanah told me recently my makeup always looks so smooth and natural, and that’s because I always apply it after coconut oil. It doesn’t break you out, even if you have acne prone skin.


-T.J. Maxx is also a great place to get make-up wipes. They sell them in packages of 60 for like $3.99 as opposed to $6 for 30 at Walgreens/Walmarts.


-Another miracle primer is the Nivea Mens Sensitive Post Shave Balm. I know how weird that sounds. Feel free to google it up. It has a huge following among make-up artists and Youtubers alike. It is around $5 for a large bottle, so you get a lot more primer for your buck. It is cooling and soothing on your skin, and makes your foundation go on flawlessly.



I have two Holy Grail drugstore foundations. The Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation with the blue pump is full coverage and never looks dry or cakey on my dry skin. I recommend it to anyone who prefers full coverage foundation. I have tried several high-end foundations and this one stands up to all of them.

For a more medium coverage I love the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation. It gives your cheapbeauty3skin a subtle glow and is great if you want a more sheer, natural coverage. If your skin is oily you may not appreciate the Lumi aspect, in which case Loreal True Match is a phenomenal foundation as well. I’m pretty picky about foundations and these are the only two I have ever re-purchased and continue to do so.


Mascara: Finding a mascara at the drugstore is not difficult as there are so many great ones. I never purchase high end mascara because I use it so frequently and it dries up so quickly, I never saw the point of dropping $20 on mascara. Maybelline The Falsies mascara is my number one favorite forever. I rarely stray from it. Covergirl is also notorious for great mascara, as well as Loreal. You really can’t go wrong with those brands, but if The Falsies isn’t your thing, I suggest a quick google search of top drugstore mascaras.


Eyeliner: It feels like I have been to hell and back in search of a decent drugstore eyelinercheapmakeup4 for that cat-eye wing shit. Years of toil and wasted dollars. For a while I gave up and started purchasing the fancy felt tip liners by KVD and Stila. Broke and desperate, this year I stumbled upon the Wet’N’Wild Black Liquid Liner for like $2.99. (NOT THE WATERPROOF ONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT WILL FUCK YOU UP.) The regular liquid liner. It is so black, so easy to apply, and lasts through most one-night stands. I usually buy 2 or 3 and keep one in my car, one in my makeup bag, and one in my purse. It also comes in blue and purple and brown. I don’t really fuck with pencil liners much, but I know Loreal and Covergirl both have some pretty solid ones.


Blush: The Wet’N’Wild and E.L.F. blushes are all amazingly pigmented and super cheap. Around $5 or under. 10/10 recommened. NYX also has great blushes for around that price range.


Bronzer: I’m not a huge nerd for bronzers, but I am currently using the Rimmel Bronzer in Sunlight, and it does the job just fine. I have also used the E.L.F. Bronzers in the past and found them satisfactory. If I seem less than enthused about bronzer, its because I don’t really give a shit about bronzer. I also use those to contour when I feel like contouring, and they work well in my opinion.


Brows: I swear by E.L.F. and Maybelline eyebrow kits, for filling in your brows. They both come with powder and wax. I also LOVE the Eyelure Eyebrow Pencil available at Ulta for under $10. It has been compared to the Anastasia Brow Wiz but is much more affordable and has lasted me over 6 months now. It gets my brows the closest to perfection that they have ever been.


Eyeshadow: The Wet’N’Wild eyeshadow palettes are around $5 and are the most pigmented, beautiful eyeshadows I have found at the drugstore. I have yet to try any of the new matte palettes that have come out at the drugstore because I have so many eyeshadow palettes I may never need to buy one ever again. (I’m too broke to experiment right now). NYX also has a huge variety of eyeshadows but I haven’t had much luck with their shadows in the past so I can’t give a solid recommendation. For anything you may have doubts about, a quick Youtube search of “Best Drugstore Eyeshadows” should pull up a slew of great recommendations.


Highlighters: I’ve never had a bad experience with a highlighter. Every drugstore brand has a few, and I have liked every one that I have tried. One of my old stand by’s is the E.L.F. shimmering facial wip. It’s a liquid mousse type texture. I have also used one by Wet’N’Wild in the Fergie Collection and loved it as well. You should be able to get a great highlighter for hella cheap if you stick with E.L.F., WNW, or NYX.


LIPS OMG: So this is by far my favorite avenue of cosmetics. Hands down, my favorite drugstore lipsticks are the Wet ‘n’ Wild Matte lipsticks in the black tube for around $2.99. They are completely round at the top, not pointed. (The pointed ones are shimmery and altogether shitty lipsticks.) They have so so so many colors now. From browns to reds to black to orange, etc. If you are wanting some blues or purples or greens, I suggest hunting down some NYX. My favorite by NYX is the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the color Stone Fox. It’s a greenish black masterpiece that always gets me compliments. My all time favorite matte red lipstick is Indie Flick by NYX. All their lip products are around $5 and are phenomenal. Basically WNW and NYX should have you covered for lip stuffs on the cheap.

I realize I haven’t covered all the bases here so if you would like more talk on nail polishes, powders, moisturizers etc. give yer girl some feedback.


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