JOMO Thrifting Haul

By Savanah Mandeville

Remember High School when you lived with your parents and all your money from your part time job went to clothes? That’s how I was. I was at my fashion height – my wardrobe was bomb. But now I’m old and I have rent and bills and credit card debt and student loan debt and shopping has just kind of fallen to the bottom of the priority list. And I’m not going to lie, it bums me out!

That’s why I love that Joplin has a plethora of thrift shops and secondhand stores. I mean, the ‘90s and ‘00s are back, right? Why get the knock offs from the mall when you could get the real deal from Treasure Finders Thrift Store, Salvation Army, DAV, or one of the many others for less than half the price? I decided to put the theory to the test and see what I could find at each of the three places I just mentioned and compare them to finds from my favorite po’ gal store: H&M. Then I attempted to model the things I bought (please don’t make fun of me too hard). Here’s what I found:

Treasure Finders:

This tantalizing green granny sweatshirt and this St. John’s Bay sweater set (I cut the top and skirt shorter. I’m kind of okay with fraying because grunge.)

TOTAL: $3.86!!!



Sweatshirt – $39.99      Crop Top – $24.99         Skirt – $24.99

Total: $89.97!!!

Salvation Army

I found this ironic graphic Tee with Sylvester the Cat on it. It’s perfect for me because I love cats and my nickname is Sylvester. I also found some high waisted, acid wash shorts that I just rolled up!

Total: $7.99!!!



Graphic T-shirt – $17.99    High waisted shorts – $19.99

Total: $37.98!!!


At DAV I found this tomboy-ish cropped sweater and this denim jumper.

Total: $7.22!!!



Striped sweater – $24.99           Denim jumper – $39.99

Total: $64.98!!!

All in all, I was able to buy six trendy pieces for a total of $19.07! That’s less than most items from H&M. If I had had basically the same shopping trip at H&M, I would have spent $192.93 — a difference of $173.86! And honestly, I think the things I found from the secondhand stores are more unique than the mass-produced products from H&M. Plus, buying secondhand is good for the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Thrift stores can be your best friend if you look in the right places and have some imagination. <3


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