Runway to Real Life

By Krystal Lambert

Typically, I don’t put much thought into the Spring and Fall Fashion trends. While fashion is one of my favorite passions and hobbies, I tend to just shoot from hip and grab whatever catches my eye. To quote my dear friend Laken, “Fashion should make you feel something.” This is my mantra when I go shopping, I want to wear what makes me feel something.

When I got the idea to do an article on 2019 Fashion Trends, I didn’t realize how much it would push me out of my well curated box of sequins, velvet, leather and lace. My best gal Savanah and I spent around 6 hours scouring Northpark Mall, Target and Ross, determined to find this seasons trends in affordable options for all sizes. I tried on outfits I never would have touched and it was both fun and liberating. Except for the bucket hats, which is the one 2019 Fashion Trend I wish I could give an angry react. As you’ll see from the photos, Sav and I could hardly keep a straight face while trying on these hideous monstrosities that truly deserve to stay in the 90’s. Did I have a bucket hat circa 1998 with the Korn logo on it? Yes. Do I ever want to think about it again? No.

We weren’t able to find perfect examples of all the trends, and with others there was a surplus. If you want something in this seasons most popular color, Marigold Yellow (think mustard’s sunnier cousin), you will find it plastered on every other garment in Northpark Mall. It got to the point that the color itself was giving me a headache, and I decided I would be personally avoiding it like my favorite ska band that sold out and started making weird poppy hip hop music (Gwen, I’m looking at you). I was worried about finding some of these trends in plus sizes, and while there was an obvious lack of plus size options compared to smaller sizes, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find something trendy in my size in almost every store. With that said, Francesca’s can suck my dick.

Alright, without further ado, here are a ton of pictures of Savanah and I galavanting around town making asses of ourselves for all your fashion needs.



The ’80s are back in a big way this year. While they have been “back” off and on since the late ’90s, this time it’s all about the more flamboyant ’80s fashion. Big, puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, huge hair, and powder pastels. You’ll see this trend spill over into the “Extra Extras” category. We found a ton of ’80s inspired swimsuits as well. TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Rue 21 and Target were major goldmines for ’80s inspo.

The Runway


Real Life

1980s 3
Red Sweatshirt – TJ Maxx – $14.99
1980s 4
Windbreaker – TJ Maxx – $19.99
1980s 5
Cardigan – Macy’s – $49.00
1980s 2
Dress – TJ Maxx – $39.99
1980s 1
Sweatshirt – TJ Maxx – $10
Swimsuit – Target – $30
1980s Swim 1
Old Navy had several ’80s swimsuits – all $39.99

Animal Print

Animal Print, (my personal fave forever) is back while somehow never having left. This year it’s mostly leopard and snakeskin, and the silhouettes are very chic. You won’t find as much tacky animal print but more classic, early ’90s inspired prints. (Think that one Shania Twain video). We saw animal print virtually everywhere we went, but H&M was definitely the hot spot for it.

The Runway


Real Life

H&M  Top – $24.99  Hat – $17.00
Animal 3
H&M – Top – $9.99
Animal 4
H&M – Dress $34.99 – Belt $10.99 – Shoes $24.99
Animal 5
Francesca’s – $16 or 2 for $20


H&M – Dress $17.99 – Shoes – $12.99
Animal 1
H&M – $24.99

Beige Head-To-Toe

I’m not a huge fan of this trend, as it’s not going to be flattering on *most* body types. If you find a way to make this look flattering, you are still going to look like someone who enjoys boring vanilla sex once a month max and thinks mayonnaise is spicy. But that’s just like, my opinion man. Savanah struggled to put together a Beige Head-To-Toe outfit at T.J. Maxx and finally came up with a few good options. I didn’t even attempt it because my fupa would not allow for such frivolity.

The Runway:


Real Life: 

Beige 2
TJ Maxx – Jacket $39.99 – Jumpsuit $19.99 – Purse – $79.00
TJ Maxx – Jacket $39.99 – Top $29.99 – Pants $16.99 – Shoes $24.99


Bucket Hats

I’ve already told you how I feel about this trend, so no need to troll it any further. However, as you might expect, Joplin was also not quite ready for Bucket Hats to be back in fashion. We scoured every single store for these bad boys (when Hot Topic employees laugh at you, you know you’ve gone down a dark path). When we had all but given up, we stopped into Spencer’s and were not disappointed. Hint: if you can only find a trend in the store-equivalent of Adam Sandler, abandon ship. Obviously, the only bucket hats they had were a Hawaiian print and americana print, and we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to take the pictures. These hats were not intended to be fashionable (no shit) but we included them for their comedic value.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Spencer’s – Bucket Hats – $19.99

Bucket Hat 2



Crochet is another big trend for 2019 but was not easy to find. We would find maybe one item every few stores, and most of them were kind of meh. T.J. Maxx, Francesca’s, and Romancing The Stone were the few spots that we did find some decent crochet options, though nothing in Francesca’s was above a size 8. Despite the average size of women in America being size 16. I digress.

The Runway:


Real Life:

TJ Maxx – $16.99
Crochet 1
TJ Maxx – $8
Crochet 2
Francesca’s – $48
Crochet 3
Romancing the Stone – $37.95


Extra Extras

Extra Extras simply means big, bold, loud, oversized, obnoxious and glam af. It me! Think Elton John sunglasses, giant fanny packs, anything that seems a little too silly and surreal for everyday life.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Extra 1
Sunny Shades Kiosk – $9.99
Extra 2
Sunny Shades Kiosk – Both are $9.99
Extra 3
Hot Topic – Seashell Purse – $15.99
Extra 4
TJ Maxx – Price Unknown
Extra 5
TJ Maxx – Price Unknown
Extra 6
TJ Maxx – Betsey Johnson Backpack – $49.99
Extra 7
Ross – Humongous Fanny Pack – $12.99


Fringe is a big trend for 2019, but not in the way we’ve been seeing it in the last 10 years. We were searching for a more chic version of fringe than the boots and accessories that are so common these days. Think long dresses covered in fringe, fringe on sleeves and leather jackets. We didn’t find quite what we were looking for, but you can see a resurgence of fringe in unusual earrings. We did include some photos of boots and a purse with fringe, though we don’t feel this trend is necessarily new. What Joplin has to offer at this time just didn’t fit the bill.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Fringe 1
Romancing the Stone – $49.95
Fringe 3
Target – $34.99
Assortment of earrings at Francesca’s


Lamé is another personal favorite of mine. It’s a shiny metallic fabric that is certain to get you noticed in a crowded room. You can find this trend at JC Penny’s, Macy’s, Hibbett’s Sports, Target and Ross. It was one of the more common trends in Joplin.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Lame 7
Macy’s – $12.93
Lame 1
Hibbett Sports – $98.97
Lame 2
JC Penney’s – $40
Lame 3
JC Penney – $17.15
Lame 4
Shoe Dept. Encore – $24.99
Lame 5
Ross – $29.99
Lame 6
Shoe Dept. Encore – $29.98

Marigold Yellow

As previously stated, this was by far the most common trend in just about every store we went to. You can find it on accessories, shoes, sweaters, dresses, jeans, you name it. I’m not too jazzed about it personally, because mustard has already been in fashion for several years and it’s very similar. I do think we will be seeing this color everywhere this year, even if we don’t want to. You’ll find a ton of it at T.J. Maxx, Target, JC Penny, Old Navy, American Eagle, Macy’s, and Ross.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Corn Flour 1
TJ Maxx – ranging $30 – $40
Corn Flour 3
TJ Maxx – $16.99
Corn Flour 4
American Eagle – $44.95
Corn Flour2
TJ Maxx – $16.99


Neon is always a fun trend, and I think this year it is closely linked to the 80’s coming back. We found it in a few spots, though we expected to see more of it.You can find quite a bit of neon at Rue 21. I do expect to see more neon when summer rolls around, as it’s a very summery vibe.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Neon 1
Rue 21 – $16.99
Neon 3
Journey’s – $59.99
Tie Dye 3
Rue 21 tops – $9.99

Nostalgic Tees

Nostalgic/Vintage tees are here to stay, as we see in this year’s fashion trends. I only modeled one version of this since we all know the deal here, and there’s not much of a new spin on it. You can find a ton of these at Rue 21 and Target. To give it a more modern vibe, you can always tuck one into some high waisted jeans or a skirt. Again, nothing new but still a solid look.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Rue 21 – $16.99

Prairie Dress

This one was surprising to me since prairie sundresses made a big comeback circa 2008/2009 and have sort of stuck around for a while, at least in the Midwest. I think this time around the dresses are longer and more flowy. We’ll be seeing higher necklines, ruffled sleeves and an overall more authentic prairie vibe. We also saw this look in a ton of one piece jumpsuits, as Savanah modeled beautifully.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Prairie 1
TJ Maxx – $19.99
Prairie 2
Francesca’s – $58
Prairie 3
Macy’s – $49.99


Resin Earrings

We’ve been seeing these everywhere lately, and we definitely Stan. Long, wistful indie girl necklaces step aside, big and bold earrings are back. I’ve been having a renaissance with earrings myself so I’m here for this. Resin earrings, most often hoops, can be found at Francesca’s and Target. Target has by far, the biggest and best selection.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Resin 1

Resin 2
Francesca’s Resin Earrings – $16 or 2 for $20

Resin 4Resin 5Resin 6Resin 7

Resin 8
Target Resin Earrings – all $12.99

Sage Green

This soft, muted green is so beautiful and I was excited to see it included in this year’s trends. However, Marigold Yellow stole the entire show and we had a hard time finding anything of substance in Sage. We did find a few accessories, but little else. I’m hopeful that we will see more of this color later in the season. A soft sage cardigan would have been perf, but whatever.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Sage 1
Old Navy – $7.99
Sage 3
Icing – both $9.99
Old Navy – $26.99


This trend is super fun, and by far our sportiest candidate. Sk8ter boi culture has been hot for the last few years, but you’ll see updates like biker shorts, neons, and windbreakers. You can mix this with 80’s vibes and look like a whole clown if you want. We found the majority of this trend at Rue 21 (shocker) but you’ll continue to find retro Van’s everywhere this season. I chose to wear my tights under the biker shorts, which is another fun way to rock this trend. And yes, we know we look like fuck boys.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Biker 1
Rue 21 – Hat $3 – Glasses $3 – Jacket $32.99 – Biker Shorts $12.99
Biker 2
Rue 21 – Hat $30 – T-shirt $14.99 – Jacket $29.99 – Biker Shorts $12.99

Statement Trainers

I like to think this trend was Dolly Parton’s idea. Embellished, bedazzled sneakers are everywhere this season. We found them at literally anywhere that sells shoes. Journey’s, Hibbett’s Sports, H&M, Target and Ross were full of sparkly sneakers. I even got myself a pair of sequined Keds from Goodwill recently, before I knew it was a 2019 trend. What can I say? I’ve always been a trendsetter (insert sunglasses emoji here).

The Runway:




Real Life:

Trainer 1
Hibbett Sports – $110
Trainer 2
Hibbett Sports – $110
Trainer 4
Ross – $27.99
Trainers 2
H&M – $6.99
Trainers 4
Journey’s – $69.99
Trainers 5
Journey’s – $49.99

Tie Dye

Tie Dye has been fairly popular since forever, but what we saw on the runway this year was a more sophisticated, classy (if possible??) version. We weren’t able to find anything in that vein on our treasure hunt, but we did find a plethora of tie dye at Rue 21. Talk shit all you want, but Rue comes through sometimes. We do expect to see some beautiful, summery tie dye dresses in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Tie Dye 1
Rue 21 – $16.99
Tie Dye 2
Rue 21 – Hoodie $24.99

Western Boots

Despite being one of the most lauded 2019 trends, we had trouble finding anything close to the short, retro cowgirl boots we were searching for. We did find some heavily embellished versions that were more on the river mom, tacky midwest end of the spectrum. It was obvious, however, that short boots are headed towards a more western aesthetic in general. Lots of suede and pointed toes. We finally got lucky at Ross, where we found a very authentic short western boot. We would love to see some of these in funky colors, patent leather, or other variations. This is Joplin, but a girl can dream.

The Runway:


Real Life:

Western Boot 2
Ross – $26.99
TJ Maxx – $49.00


If you made it this far, thank you for scrolling through our tomfoolery and please let us know what fun fashion trends you’re getting into!

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