Mary Kaiser-Dodge

April’s Joplin Fashionista of the Month is none other than the beautiful Mary Kaiser-Dodge. We touched base with her on what inspires her, what her favorite products are, and more! Check out this boss babe!


How would you describe your style?

I’m in a weird place with my style currently. I’m finding myself being more and more minimal in what I wear. Less and less jewelry and less and less layers. T-shirts and jeans are my go to now whereas I used to wear two to three shirts and leggings and longs socks and boots on the reg. Today you’ll be lucky to find me wearing anything even remotely fashionable, and I kind of like that. I’m not thinking about myself as much and it’s put me in a good place mentally. Jeans, T-shirt, chucks. Simple.



What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?

A few of my favorite items that I wear constantly is my Stay Home Club “Boring is Best” T-shirt. It’s oversized, comfy, black and it sums up my life and what I’m about pretty well. My second favorite item is my Kitten Lady sweat shirt. It’s soft, super comfy, black and the proceeds go to a cause that I’m passionate about. You can find both of these on Instagram.


Can I go for all-time favorite color? Some of my favorite clothing items I’ve ever had haveMaryDodge been gray. A gorgeous, vintage men’s gray leather coat I got my husband once for a good price that I wish so badly fit me. Some day I’m going to wake up and say “screw it” and wear it anyway because it’s that awesome. I also have a long sleeve shirt I bought at Forever 21 years and years ago that is gray, simple and thin. I can wear it with anything and is definitely and all-time fav.

Heels or flats?

Flats for sure. I actually really like wearing heels I just don’t have a lot of chances to wear them. I am more comfortable in flats and the percentage of me falling is a lot lower when I don’t wear heels so maybe that’s part of the reason why I don’t wear them that often…

Favorite brands or shops?

I like a little of everything. I could find something anywhere I think, a shirt here, jacket there, shoes here. Don’t limit yourself, you never know where you might find something you love. I shop at a lot of places but the ones that are the most available to me are F21, American Eagle, or just thrifting.

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?


Sammi Jefcoate

I take in a lot from everyone. A lot from people I don’t know and see around town and on social media. A lot from my friends. People I see who know who they are and are comfortable in what they’re expressing through themselves. A few ladies I follow on Instagram that I adore and inspire me often are: Maja Wyh, Sammi Jefcoate and Beca from Blackspringsfolkart.




What do you splurge on?

Shoes and makeup. I am a sale shopper at heart but if I find a shoe I just cannot say no to, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. Same with makeup, it’s one the first things people see so why not splurge on something like that?

Do you have any fashion rules?

I have definitely found the shirts that hit me in the right spot. And I definitely believe there are styles of clothing that look good on some and not on others, find that for yourself. It’s worth it I because when you find something that fits your body well, it makes you feel well. I usually hate rules though, and hate when society tells you what is in or out or cool or not. If you like it then wear it!

Some Groovy Tips:

Makeup: Use Q-tips in your application and makeup removal process. A safety pin in separating lashing sticking together after applying mascara and/or after your lash curler. Find a good moisturizer with an SPF (am I old?) but seriously do it because when you’re older no one will even know because your skin is still rockin’.17793355_10212411724110816_311886774_n


Hair: God, my hair is garbage so I really shouldn’t give any tips because I’ve all but completely destroyed my own. But I’d say don’t wash it every single day and use dry shampoo! Tease your hair a little before you throw it in a top knot or bun or whatever, it’ll make it look like you have more going on.


Style: Find that ONE good item that you can wear dress-up or down, winter spring summer fall and until it completely falls apart and you’ve gotta throw it away it’s so old.


You can find Mary on instagram (and trust us, her pictures are AWESOME and her general aesthetic is everything) at @marydangerr .

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