Joplin Forever 21 is not a hoax created by the Russians

By Krystal Lambert

Choker & shirt from F21

A few months back, Joplin was all a flutter about a Forever 21 opening in Northpark Mall. It
seemed too good to be true. A FOREVS IN JOPLIN WHATTT?!?!?! Was the general consensus according to my Facebook feed. As soon as it opened, however, it was met with scathing reviews and general mockery. “The Forever 21 in Northpark Mall is the retail equivalent of an April Fools’ Joke,” was one of many snarky responses. As an avid shopper and thrift store junkie, let me set the record straight:


-Yes, it is more of an outlet than a traditional Forever 21. This is a good thing, because everything is literally under $10. It doesn’t make the merchandise any less authentic to the brand. It’s a lucky break, not a fake Forever 21.

-Everything in the store is ON TREND and much of it comes from stores in bigger cities like New York. You will find things in this outlet that you may not find in any other Forever 21 store in the Midwest.

-The employees are just as enthusiastic and just as puzzled as I am about all the shit talk on this store. It may not look as fancy as a traditional Forever 21, but the merchandise is dope and extremely underpriced in my opinion.

-Several times I have spent under $20 and walked out with several pieces that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else in Joplin. Especially not for that price.

-Thrift stores are the best right? So this is like a thrift store in that you may have to do some digging but everything in the store is modern and on trend. Every time I go in, I find so much stuff right away that I love. I always find myself wishing I had four more hours to troll around in there.

– The clearance stuff is so, so cheap. Like $5 and under for the most part.

-They have some plus size, some kids, and some men’s clothing as well.

-If the store doesn’t do well in the coming months, it wont stick around, and then I will hold all of you haters personally responsible.

-Give Target a break and go get a whole new wardrobe for like 50 bones. You’re welcome.


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  1. I was just in Joplin over the weekend and in that mall. If I’d have known all their merchandise was so cheap I’d have gone in and walked out with like nine new pairs of jeans. Hope it stays in business until I can get back down there.

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