TREND ALERT: Glam Pajams

By Savanah and Cheyanne Mandeville

A major trend sweeping the Spring 2017 runways at New York Fashion week was Pajama Dressing:


While it may seem a bit odd, celebrities like Rihanna and Selena Gomez have already been spotted rocking the look.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 17, 2015



Like most trends that start on the runways of NYC and Paris, it takes some time for the look to catch on in the Midwest, though it’s no secret that Joplinites have their own version of the sheet to street fashion.


Not quite the same, right?

My sister, Cheyanne, and I decided to put the Glammy Jammies trend to the test last Friday night at the bars downtown. We were either going to get laughed out the door or hailed as the most cutting edge trendsetters in town. We picked up our nighties from the clearance racks at Macy’s.

Savanah: I bought a pale pink, silky nightgown and a silky white robe to go over it. Based on the runways, we knew that we had to go all out with the styling. I wore black leggings underneath, platform boots (from Journey’s), a black choker (Walmart), and a pale pink hair bow (Forever 21). I did my hair in a 1960s bouffant and did a smokey eye and pale lip to channel a ’60s sex kitten vibe.


Cheyanne: I decided to embrace my inner Selena and go with a full silk two piece. The jams were 75% off at Macy’s (bc who actually sleeps in these?!) and I got the pink silk choker and white pom pom hair clips from Forever 21. I wore black pointed toe heels because, unlike Selena’s look, it was waaaay too cold for little strappy stilettos.


Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we laughed that we were way more dressed up than usual despite the fact that we had on pajamas. Who wears this fancy stuff to sleep anyway? We both usually sleep in a big T-shirt and ratty shorts. If you’re going to drop this kind of coin on pajamas, you might as well wear them in public, right?

That being said, we both definitely felt very glamorous. Cheyanne even joked, “I look like I just killed my husband for the inheritance check!”

So far, so good.

Our first stop for the night was at the Spirit 66 gas station on Seventh Street. Naturally, we wanted to buy some Misty Rose Slim cigarettes to go with our looks. The two women working definitely gave us some odd looks. One asked, “Where are you girls going tonight? To work?” We said, “Oh no, we’re going downtown to go out with friends.” I think they were really confused. After we left we joked that if we were “going to work” then we probably looked like prostitutes. I mean, if you’re going downtown looking to wind up in someone’s bed at the end of the night, these would be the perfect outfits.

Before we could really get the party started, we had a proofreading meeting with the two other Julie editors so we met them at Joplin Avenue Coffee Company. At the coffee shop, we didn’t get much for reactions. There was a couple seated near the window and I could feel their eyes burning while we waiting in line to order our drinks, but that was pretty much it.

After a very productive meeting with the gals, it was time to hit Whiskey Dicks. The true test was about to begin.

Here are some photos of us palling around throughout the night.


All in all, it was a really positive experience. We got a few stares, but for the most part, any comments made about our outfits came from a place of bemusement. I think people weren’t even directly noticing that we had on pajamas, but noticed that we had on these overly bougie silk outfits at a dive bar.

For me (Savanah), a highlight of the night was doing karaoke of “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks in that flowing white robe. It felt so perfect, and I really felt inspired to put on a show.

Before leaving the house, I (Cheyanne) was nervous for the looks we would get, but after awhile noticing people’s reactions was so funny and I actually felt fabulous in this look.

Also, we got this UNBELIEVABLY fly photo out on the patio.


We did this fashion experiment totally as a joke and as a way to poke fun at how lame people dress in Joplin and how ridiculous runway clothes are, but in the end, we kind of like the pajama trend. We looked super glam and were extremely comfortable all night. Plus we got a lot of really good laughs.

Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to try new trends – no matter how wacky. It’s a lot of fun.


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