How I Cured My Acne in Three Days

By Savanah Mandeville

I, without hyperbole, have found the most amazing cure for acne ever. I recently had a bad breakout on my forehead and chest and literally cleared it up in three, I repeat, THREE days. I have dry, sensitive skin that breaks out very easily, but I think the cure I’ve found could work for oily and combination skin. It’s definitely worth a shot.


When I was about 17 or 18, I started getting HORRIFIC acne.  I went through years of trial and error trying to cure it. I spent so much time researching acne on the internet, I might as well have a degree in dermatology. I even used to drive to a spa in Fayetteville every couple months to get expensive chemical peels which would leave my face flaking like a croissant.

Nothing worked.

Then one day, in 2010, I came across a blog on all natural acne solutions that said I needed start taking Borage Oil and Vitamin E. I decided to give it a shot.

I went to Walmart and found this:


Borage Oil is only available in this entire town in this form from Walmart. It’s not at Target, it’s not at Suzanne’s, it’s not at Fox Farm. I don’t like shopping at Walmart because it’s evil, but it’s literally the only place you can find Borage Oil. It’s combined with Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil which have multiple benefits of their own so it’s a win/win. A bottle this size costs about $6.

As for Vitamin E, I have always bought the cheapo Spring Valley brand from Walmart, but I recently learned that you need to look on the bottle for “d-Alpha Tocopherol” versus “dl-Alpha Tocopherol.” The little “l” there on the second one means that the Vitamin E is synthetic. If it’s not there, it means it’s all organic and works much better. But I didn’t know that until like six months ago. I switched to “d-Alpha Tocopherol” and I have been seeing faster results. Organic Vitamin E can be purchased at health food stores but it’s very, very expensive. You can also find it at Walmart (but not Target).

So in 2010, I started taking Fish, Flax, Borage Oil and Vitamin E (the synthetic kind). I got in the habit of taking two of each pill every morning while getting ready. Miracles happened! This vitamin routine paired with washing my face morning and night cleared up my skin like never before. I wish I had some good before pictures from those times, but I would rarely go out in public without a heavy layer of foundation.

For many years, my face cleansing routine stayed steady. I used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Cream Wash, Loreal Hydrafresh Toner, and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion.


This trifecta paired with the vitamins in the morning was my Holy Grail for years. As time went on and my skin remained clear, I found that I didn’t need the toner anymore.

But I’ve noticed that if I run out of vitamins for a couple days, sure enough a zit or two springs up. As soon as I’m back on my vitamins, my skin clears back up after about a week.

For the last few months, I switched to using organic virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer day and night and couldn’t be happier. Before, I was noticing that my skin looked dry and dull – probably because it was covering it in large amounts of salicylic acid everyday. Coconut oil solved that problem right away.



Then, unexpectedly, things got bad. Really bad.

I felt confident enough about my skin that I decided to save time by switching to makeup removing wipes for a couple weeks instead of a regular cleanser. I also had a pretty crazy weekend for my birthday so I was neglecting taking my vitamins. By Sunday night, I realized I was breaking out really bad on my forehead and chest. Worse than I had seen it in years.

BEFORE PICTURES – Sunday February, 5th

I was freaking out. I decided I had to get serious about getting my skin care routine back on track.

The next morning, I went out and bought a real face soap. I made a quick trip to Dollar General and they didn’t have my usual face soap so I bought this:


Close enough. Both products are about $8. I’m very loyal to Neutrogena face soap.

I went home, washed my face and chest, took my vitamins, and put a thin layer of coconut oil on my face (a little goes a long way) and chest.

That night, I washed my face again and used coconut oil.

LITERALLY THE NEXT MORNING, I couldn’t believe the results.

DAY TWO PHOTOS – Monday February 6th 

I followed the same skin care routine the second day and by third day, everything was pretty much cleared up!

DAY THREE PHOTOS – Tuesday February, 7th 

I couldn’t believe it.

Here is the progression side-by-side:


Folks, I wouldn’t lie to you. If you find yourself with a hellacious breakout, here’s all you need to clear it up in THREE DAYS!

You will need:

  1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
  2. Sun Valley Fish, Flax, Borage Oil
  3. Sun Valley Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol)
  4. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – available in the baking aisle at your local grocery store

Helpful Tips:

  • Wash with luke warm water
  • Make sure the soap gets nice and sudsy. You don’t want it to be too grainy on your face. Heavy exfoliation can spread bacteria around and make your acne worse.
  • After washing, pat your face (don’t rub!) with a clean towel.
  • Get a big jar of coconut oil. It’ll be easier to reach your hand down in it when it gets low. Also, a big jar will last you at least six months.
  • Use the coconut oil very sparingly and lightly on your face. It will feel pretty greasy if you use too much and takes quite awhile to soak into your skin.
  • I don’t recommend using coconut oil on the eye area. Just use a regular eye cream. I have found that since coconut oil doesn’t sink into the eyelids very well, it’ll end up causing your eye makeup to slide around all over the place. This will then cause you to rub your eyes a lot trying to wipe away your smudgy eyeliner and mascara. I ended up with painful, raw sores all over my eyelids because of this. Not worth it.
  • If you have bangs go EASY on the coconut oil on your forehead. Sometimes it even helps to blot it with a piece of toilet paper. It’s beyond annoying when coconut oil gets in your bangs and makes them look greasy.

Best wishes! I hope these tips are helpful!


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