Enlight Inn

By L.R. Zimmerman

Whether you are passing through the area or a long-time local, it is good to know that Joplin offers a healthy travel option.  Enlight Inn is not your average lodge and spa; it is a stunning wellness retreat designed to heal the body and reduce the effects of travel.  At Enlight Inn you can expect a variety of holistic services, exceptional staff, and charming cottage accommodations that will allow you to “awaken to your potential.”


I recently had the privilege of meeting with Enlight Inn’s Owner, author of Mind Mirror, and Body-Mind Nutritionist Christa Tullis and experience the incredible services she has to offer.  Being new to this holistic getaway, I was unsure of what to expect, but my time at Enlight Inn left me feeling completely renewed and more aware of proper self-care.



Here’s a list of the spa services I received:

Mind Spa

Floatation Therapy


Full Body Vibration

Far Infrared Sauna


Mind Spa

People often concentrate on perfecting and enhancing their physical body but neglect the betterment of their mental health.  As important as it is to maintain good physical health, it is equally as important to set aside time and relax your mind before jumping back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To begin my mind spa experience, I put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and entered a world where I was roughly 60 feet below the ocean’s surface at a sunken ship site.  I looked up to the water’s surface in awe of seeing the sun’s rays cutting through the water and felt at peace as I watched the fish and stingrays swim by.  All of the sudden I heard deep rumbling coming from behind me.  I turned around to find a giant blue whale approaching me.  It was as if the whale was curious as to why I was there and wanted my attention.  The whale stopped to briefly check me out, blinked its eye, and then carried on.  As the whale swam away, it propelled its tail in front of me.  I could almost feel the vibration and energy from the simulation.


theBlu: Whale Encounter VR image

Virtual reality is incredible and allowed me to create an experience that wasn’t possible in ordinary physical reality.  Although Joplin is a great place to be, it lacks the geographic beauty we desire like the stock screensaver you stare at on your work computer while contemplating why we’re here instead of sipping fresh coconut juice on a private beach in the South Pacific. With VR simulation you can go anywhere you want.  You can go to the mountains.  You can go to the moon.  You can have your mind go somewhere else and totally detach from the real world.  The best thing about entering a virtual world is that you can meditate without even knowing it.  I had never felt so relaxed.  Even though I wanted to swim with the fishes all day, I took off my VR goggles and was ready to continue onto the next Mind Spa experience.

Enlight11After the meditation simulation, I was instructed to relocate across the room and cozy myself into the Osaki massage chair.  This is not your average “layover at the airport” massage chair.  It incorporated full body kneading, compression, and vibration.  I then put on the brainwave entrainment glasses and noise-cancelling headphones that played a hypnosis audio.  The brainwave device shifts your brainwaves into a state of effortless meditation.

“It’s really about personal growth, reducing stress, and trying to take yourself out of the present mind space that you’re in,” Christa explained.

There are several options to help you feel energized or relaxed and options to help improve sleep, memory, attention, and concentration.  The lights from the glasses started to pulse, I closed my eyes, and began to listen to the hypnosis audio that I selected to target stress deduction.  I was slightly skeptical at first but allowed myself to enter the unknown. The audio began to play a singular story in one ear and then split into two stories in each ear.  I know it sounds super confusing; my mind was a little confused as well.  The story was very difficult to follow and even more difficult to convey.  I’m not quite sure if my left brain and right brain were working together or against each other, but my mind was receptive to the underlying message to help relieve stress.  I was connected to this device for only 25 minutes, but I was able to reach an altered mental state.  This might sound crazy but I began to lose focus of the story because my attention was drawn to a light beaming from my forehead… I’ll just say this was an “eye opening” treatment, and upon leaving the Mind Spa my mood was boosted and I felt joyful.



Floatation Therapy

Not only is this the only salt water  float tank in the area, Christa custom designed this float tank based off of all of her personal floating experiences to help make floating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for her clients.  Her tank is a large 8 ft. x 4 ft. room filled with 9 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.  There are options for music and lights in the tank or you can float in total darkness if you prefer.  You can even leave the tank’s door open and even step out of the float tank if you need a break during your session.

I was very eager to try this out for myself because I had heard so many great things.

A look inside Christa Tullis’ custom float tank

After a brief rundown on how to operate the lights and intercom in the tank, I was given ear plugs, a neck pillow, and a wash cloth in case any saltwater got in my eyes.  I took a quick shower to not allow any outside contaminates into the salt bath, unrobed, and then stepped into the sensory deprivation tank.


I laid back on my neck pillow and my body effortlessly popped out of the water.  I struggled to quiet my mind in the beginning.  I messed around with the light options until I felt confident enough to float in total darkness and silence.  I remember telling myself, “I’m not going to fall asleep.  I’m not going to fall asleep.”  Spoiler Alert: I fell asleep.  All of a sudden I entered into a dream state where I was floating down a river.  It was the most divine rest I’ve ever had and my hour long float session went by in a snap.   This was a profound experience and a great treatment for nervous system decompression, mental clarity, and deep physical relaxation.

Painting by Rob Gonsalves


Halotherapy is a salt therapy in which a halo generator dispenses concentrated salt into

The salt generator is the little white box on the wall.

the air to breathe in and cover your skin.

Salt has amazing benefits for healing the body.  When unprocessed salt with 84 trace minerals such as Celtic Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt enter your body, your cells are able to function properly.  The salt will lower the surface tension of the cell and allow more water and minerals in, enhancing cell function.  You can easily do this by adding a pinch of raw, quality salt to your water.

Even though I wasn’t ingesting salt during the Halotherapy, I was inhaling it.  A halo generator dispensed the concentrated salt into the air.  I was able to breathe it in and allow the salt to surface my body.  This holistic salt therapy is wonderful for skin and respiratory issues.  45 minutes of Halotherapy has many health benefits.  It helps reduce stress and improves mood.

Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner


Full Body Vibration

The full body vibration exercise is designed to enhance metabolism and improve lymphatic flow.  At first glance, The Zaaz Vibration Machine looks like a scale.  Christa set the machine for 12 minutes, I stepped on the vibration station, and started shaking what my momma gave me.  It was awkward to feel my body, aka fat, shake ferociously but I knew the intense vibrations were benefiting my body. In the few minutes that I was on the Zaaz machine, I took over 4,000 steps and my energy level was high!  Performing this service is an efficient way to burn calories and get the blood pumping.

 The Zaaz Full Body Vibration Machine and The Relax Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

The body is subjected to so much throughout the day.  It is bombarded by toxins in our air, water, and food.  Whatever we don’t filter out, our body filters out for us.  If these toxins are not flushed out they will stay in the body and contribute to poor health.  As I sat in The Relax Sauna, my core body temperature began to climb.  I was able to read the first few pages of Christa’s book, Mind Mirror, and tried not to pay attention to my rising body temperature.  To take my mind off things, I started singing multiple sweat related songs out loud, songs such as “The Bad Touch” by The Blood Hound Gang, Inner Circle’s “Sweat,” and the infamous song, “Hot in Herre” by Nelly.  After 20 minutes in the sauna, I was drenched in sweat.  Enlight Inn’s Relax Sauna is an effective treatment if you need to detoxify, rejuvenate, and dissolve of toxins in your blood.

Drive-Thru Café 

Not only does Enlight Inn offer exquisite spa services, they also have a Drive-Thru Café for hungry people that are ready to hit the road!  This is a great alternative to any other drive-thru option in the area.  At this drive-thru you can enjoy a mindful snack or try a smoothie packed full of yummy super foods.  Enlight Inn’s Café uses only fresh ingredients, and after consuming the delicious treats, it will leave you feeling nourished and content.



This facility is the main contender when it comes to unique accommodations in Joplin.  These recently renovated cottages are furnished with a Roku device for guests to conveniently stream their favorite shows and grounding mats on each bed to protect you from harmful EMF exposure. The amenities also include speakers for your portable devices and sound machines that block outside noise to help deepen your sleep. This added technology creates a suitable environment for a great night’s rest.  You will wake up well rested and more conscious of ways to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.




Other services at Enlight Inn include Fascia Blasting, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Facials, and more!

So, if you are looking for an alternative place to rest, press the reset button, and totally detach yourself, look no further.  Joplin’s Enlight Inn is equipped with a knowledgeable and talented staff that is eager to help provide you with all of the mental and physical pampering you need.  Christa’s dedicated staff is very passionate about their work and their consideration will inspire you to incorporate holistic wellness into your everyday life.  After you visit Enlight Inn, the benevolent vibes will most definitely leave you feeling enlightened.

Upcoming events at Enlight Inn include:

Greg Warren’s Stand Up Comedy Show on the lawn because laughter is truly the best medicine! Bring your cooler, blanket, and lawn chair for this FREE event and prepare yourself for an amusing evening.  This event is on October 12th.

Enlight Inn is located at 3817 N. Main St. in Joplin.

You can view and book services on their website, www.enlightinn.net.

EI cover
The complex was originally the Westport Lodge, built in 1947. 

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