Shopping and Yoga? Yoga and Shopping?

Laken Zimmerman – Yoga Instructor (Photo by Jamie Lindsey)

On Thursday evenings at 5:30pm, a small group of local women gather at a Joplin boutique called Lennons, roll out their mats, clear their minds, and begin a yoga session. Yes, yoga in the middle of the boutique. Kirsten Anderson, the owner of Lennon’s said, “All the women here are into empowerment. It’s a feel good energy and a judgement free zone.” If you can manage to keep your eyes focused and not look at their new and unique selections of clothes, shoes, and jewelry, you can manage to get a good sweat and meditation in for the evening. 

Yoga at Lennons is perfectly what you’d expect. It’s not crowded or loud. Kirsten said, “It’s like the intimate feeling you usually get from shopping at a boutique.” After yoga and refreshments it’s time to scan the store from their hand picked selections of clothing that Kirsten and her mother collaborate on and buy from markets. Their shoe collection is my personal favorite part of the selection. 

Photo by Jamie Lindsey

Lennons provides a safe space downtown for women to meet and empower themselves and the women around them. The yoga instructor, Laken, is constantly reassuring, supporting, and attending to your needs. You can tell she is genuinely thankful that you are there to attend her yoga session and works to get you to grow as an individual. 

The boutique is located in Downtown Joplin, on the corner of 2nd and Wall Street. It’s within walking distance of some of the best restaurants in Joplin if you need a bite to eat after an invigorating session. 

The store’s normal hours are 10-5, which is why the yoga session is a good time to enjoy the store’s selection. Kirsten and her mom keep the store open about another half hour after the yoga session. 

Kirsten asks that you DM the store on Instagram or Facebook to let them know if you would like to come to the next session. The space is big, but spaces can be limited. All women are welcome to attend for $10. The yoga instructor known as JoyPunkYoga will accept Cash App or cash!

Find Lennon’s on Facebook at Lennons

Instagram – @shoplennons

Or visit their website at

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