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Dear readers,

Julie Joplin is back in business!

I’m so excited for the new content we’re going to be rolling out this month. Just like the Julie you remember, we’re going to have a little bit of everything and we’ll be touching on a wide variety of topics. This month you’ll read about holistic, natural therapy method, a personal account from an abuse survivor, what makes the Baby Boomer generation tick, a band review, and more. Much more.

We’ve ironed out the kinks and expanded the staff. I started Julie in January 2017 with the goal of bringing to light social issues that exist right here in the Four States while celebrating the unique culture and hidden gems our area has to offer. I believe that Julie achieved that, but we were a fledgling operation with a lot to learn. I’m so excited to bring the site back for a reboot. With experience and insight on our side, Julie Joplin will come back stronger than ever!

You’ll see new posts every Wednesday and Friday morning. Check back on Wednesday, June 6th to read a woman’s horror story from online dating that, sadly, too many of us can relate to.

Yours Truly,

Savanah Mandeville

P.S. For anyone who’s wondering… the name “Julie” is from the rebellious female protagonist in “1984” by George Orwell. I had just finished rereading the book and Trump had just been elected so it felt appropriate. It wasn’t until the name had already stuck that I realized it’s actually “Julia.” *facepalm* But hey, what can ya do?


Meet The Staff!

Vanessa Copeland



Vanessa is a 40-year-old Joplin resident, an MSSU alumnus, mother to an amazing 14-year-old boy and an avid supporter of local businesses. In her spare time, she enjoys great food, great drink and great company. She trusts dogs who do not like people but does not trust people who don’t like dogs. She hopes to contribute some heartfelt sincerity and a bit of humor while supporting women during her time with Julie Joplin.



Dori Hackleman 

Dori_MeetTheStaff_Crop_LargerDori is 32 years old and is a stay at home mom and a photographer. She has a beautiful three-year-old daughter, two dogs, and a wonderful husband! She loves helping people through their struggles and enjoys hearing their stories. Her hobbies are running around with her kiddo, photography, cycling and hanging out with close friends and family, and having a good a beer. She hopes to bring a lot to Julie as far talking about hard hitting topics that most people don’t want to talk about as well as the occasional comical mom problems.


Jamie Lindsey

Jamie_MeetTheStaffTeaching, inspiring, and impacting are permanent strengths of Jamie’s. A 27-year-old teacher, Jamie inspires her students to make the world a better place. Born and raised in southwest Missouri, she enjoys learning about perspectives of the world and is an advocate of self-love, empowerment, and humanism. Jamie can often be found reading, hiking, and spending time with her dogs, friends, and family. She is excited to be a part of the Julie writing team and will be able to offer different perspectives of daily life. A dedicated person that is passionate about life, Jamie wants to entertain and ignite conversation within the online pages of Julie.


Krystal Lambert


Krystal is a 32-year-old bar wench, originally from Tulsa, OK with a degree in Theology she will never use. She has a beautiful dog, an adventurous cat, and a very silly boyfriend. She enjoys makeup and dresses, discussing Astrology with anyone within earshot, writing long ranty posts about feminism, and having a good laugh with friends and wine. As a lifelong writer, she hopes to use her words to inspire and provoke the minds of Julie readers.



Savanah Mandeville

671FD575-AAE0-4FB4-A1FE-DF4EC7EE6A71Savanah is a 27-year-old writer and photographer. With six years of experience in local journalism, she was inspired to start her own publication and Julie was born! In her free time, she loves thrifting and home decorating, exploring new cities, going on float trips, listening to music, wining and dining with her BFFs, and getting lost in a great book. She and her boyfriend, Ryan, are owned by three very spoiled cats, Papoose, Shampoose, and Emma. She has a big heart for the Joplin area and looks forward to working with the Julie team to empower women, support local businesses, and celebrate cultural diversity.


Kjersti McDonald

F5F942F8-687C-4F09-8329-82D551945703Kjersti (or KJ) is a graduate from MSSU with a bachelor’s in Mass Communication. She was born in California and moved to the Midwest with her family in 1999. She spent three years attending college in Utah before moving back to Missouri in 2012. Kjersti’s favorite activities include repeatedly binge watching shows like The Office, Parks & Rec, Rick and Morty, Broad City, Star Trek and Firefly; riding road and mountain bikes; reading; cuddling animals; attending Renaissance Festivals; camping; and having philosophical discussions with her amazing husband and friends. Kjersti is a passionate intersectional feminist, health care activist, and jokester.


C.B. Radio



C.B. Radio has been writing for many years and is passionate about music and film. C.B.’s been an avid feminist ever since taking a Women’s Studies class his senior year of college in order to meet girls. Instead of getting a girlfriend, he accidentally became super woke. He considers himself a pop culture critic and enjoys writing about progressive female musicians and artists. Stevie Nicks is his spirit animal.


Laken Zimmerman

Laken_MeetTheStaff Laken is a Joplin native consumed by wanderlust. As an experienced world traveler, she lives life with an open mind and an unquenchable appetite for adventure. She is a happy wife, and one would often find her exploring the outdoors with her huntsman and beloved daughter. She’s constantly curious in a life full of questions. Laken is on a quest to enlighten and inspire Julie readers through her shared experiences.



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