In the heart of downtown Joplin, you will find a place where mythical creatures dwell, a place where you can cleanse your soul, a place where you might see a unicorn. I’m not talking about heaven, I’m talking about one of my favorite bars: Whiskey Dicks.

The author winning Whiskey Dicks Customer of the Month

Whiskey Dicks started up in late 2011 by Jake and Alisha Davis and Bradley and Amanda German.  In my eyes, they are Gods and Goddesses for providing some of the best nightlife in Joplin. But back to the story.

They started off in a small, quaint trailer at 1220 S. Wall Ave., but when you walked in, it was just full of energy. It’s the kind of bar that just makes you want to have a good time … a really good time. I myself have been the victim of that many, many times.

The only downside, and people I have talked to agreed with this, was the location was kind of in a bad spot. If you frequented Kitchen Pass, you knew it was a cop magnet. It really deterred people from going up that way. During this time in 2011, the only real options were Blackthorn, Plamor, 609, and JB’s had just opened up. For years, the old Champs building had just been sitting vacant. That was all about to change when one night Jake and Alisha drove past it and decided that Whiskey Dicks’ destiny was in that very building.

Fast forward to June 2014 and they were opening up. It was like magic. They were the missing puzzle piece in downtown Joplin and part of the trifecta of 3 great bars in between the 5th and 6th block of Joplin Ave – Whiskey Dicks, Blackthorn, and E.R. Club XO is on that same block, but I’ve only been in there in the depths of a serious blackout.

There’s just a certain vibe about Whiskey Dick’s that just makes me and a lot of people

The author with WD owner Jake Davis

keep going back. I know it sounds cheesy and I’m going to be a piece of shit and quote Olive Garden, but it’s really true. When I’m in Whiskey Dick’s, I feel like family. I can walk in and be greeted by one of the sexiest, most sophisticated and interesting door guys on the planet, Mr. Jacob Kent. Prepare yourselves ladies and gentleman, I can  hear Jake Davis say “Hey, Gregory, ya crazy bastard! The usual?” If you ever want someone so down to earth to just chat with, Kiira Wolf is the gal to go to. Always so friendly. Amanda German wont take your shit if you act up, but she’ll always be there to hug you, love you and look out for you and always have a Jager Bomb waiting for you. Vanessa Copeland will slay you with her wit and Alisha Davis is definitely the motherly type. You can also have a good time with the karaoke DJs: Leighton Warren, Danny Patterson, Animal Vestal and Bradley German.  In the spring, summer and fall, you can catch live music from the many talented local bands while sipping on a cold beer or cocktails. Just writing this in February makes me depressed and wanting that patio to be up and going again.

If you’re reading this and have never been to Joplin MO and like a good time, take a trip to downtown Joplin and go inside 516 S. Joplin Ave. There are also many great other bars in downtown Joplin to also check out such as Club 609, JB’s, Blackthorn, ER, and Club XO.  And remember, eat local, drink local, and be local.


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  1. We are truly honored to have the clientele we have. It’s not us but you who make it feel like home. We love you crazy bastards (most of you anyway) and i can’t express my gratitude for such a sweet, heart warming write up.

    Yours truly,

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