Moral Grandstanding

By Dori Hackleman

In the unpredictable and isolating world in which we currently live, it is hard to feel like you are getting your social needs met and that, of course, can trigger stress, anxiety and depression. These side effects can come out as anger towards your peers, which tends to also bring out the ugly sides of ourselves. With that anger comes those who feel like they have the moral high ground above everyone else and thus seek attention for the “good” or “responsible” thing they have done. 

I am talking specifically about our recent stimulus checks we received from the government. There have been so many people announcing what they are doing with their finances. It’s your Facebook, so post what you will, but you don’t have the moral high ground for announcing that you have put all of your money into savings and that everyone else around you is spending it on “non-essential” items. Outside of food and water, who are you to say what is essential to a person? I would argue that as human beings, we don’t NEED electricity, internet, cars, multiple items of clothing and shoes, but many of you would classify those as essential. That is all fine, but be honest about the things that you own. People want to put that money back into the economy, it is, after all, why we got the checks to begin with… to stimulate the economy! So who are you to judge a person who wants to spend $100 on take-out at a local business? Who are you to judge the mom that wants a video game to keep her sanity when her children finally take their naps and she gets those precious minutes of peace and quiet to do what SHE wants to do? Who are you to judge the people still earning a paycheck and want to spend that extra money on gym equipment in their garage? Who are you to judge the person who just lost their job but paid their bills and has some money left over, so they are going to buy a little special something for themselves?

Stop being this person! If a woman wants to buy lingerie for herself so she feels good about herself as we are stuck indoors, then let her be! It doesn’t make you look like a “responsible” adult, it makes you look like a douche canoe. In this strange time, let people cope how they need to cope (within reason of course) because we are all going through this together but in our own ways. If you catch yourself feeling jealous or bitter towards people on your newsfeed, then I highly recommend that you deactivate your FB and figure out why you are acting and feeling the way you are. Being on social media 24/7 isn’t going to feed your social needs, it is only going to create a toxic environment in your head space and I would say that isn’t essential to your well being during this time.

Stop judging and tearing people down so you feel better or feel superior, look within yourself to see what is going on in order for you to want to do that in the first place. 

We will get through this together, not apart. Take this time to do some personal growth.

2 thoughts

  1. “Stop being this person!” This may be one of the best lines…ever! Not just in this situation…but, in all situations. Stop judging others on some idea you have of your moral superiority! You are not superior to other humans. We all have our own thoughts and feelings. If what a person is doing doesn’t cause harm to another person (especially YOU!)…leave them the hell alone! Thank you, Dori Hackleman for trying to remind us all that not everything on the planet is any of your business…

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