Hinkle & Lundstrum for MO State Reps

By Josiah Horn

Below read why Sarah Hinkle and Elizabeth Lundstrum should serve in the Missouri State House of Representatives. These are two candidates who truly have our best interests at heart and will work hard to get the job done right!

If you live in Joplin, you are likely in either District 161 or 162. To find out which, click here.

Sarah Hinkle, MO State Representative for District 162

Facebook: Sarah Hinkle for State Representative

On November 6th, I plan to leave for work early enough to stop by my polling place and vote. When I receive my ballot, I will go out of my way to make sure the first vote that I cast is for Sarah Hinkle, who I believe needs to be the next State Representative for District 162.

Sarah has been one of my best friends for several years, and I know her well enough to know that, if she is elected, she will never cast a selfish vote. Sarah is a compassionate person who cares deeply about everyone she knows and about the many people she doesn’t know. I know Sarah will never tell a lie, or even stretch the truth, to get votes. Who she says she is, is who she really is, and what she says she believes, is what she really believes.

A lot of people have told me, and sometimes I even tell myself that it would be very difficult for a Democrat to win in southwest Missouri, but in the conversations I have had with my neighbors here in Joplin and Webb City, I have noticed that everyone wants basically the same things. People want to be able to live their own lives, raise their own family, work hard, and be kind to one another. All of that is exactly what I know Sarah will fight for. Whether you are straight, LGBT, white, person of color, an immigrant, born and raised American, liberal or conservative, Sarah will work for you.

Sarah is an amazing friend and she will be an amazing representative for our community. I hope you will join me in voting for her on November 6th.


Elizabeth Lundstrum, MO State Representative for District 161

Facebook: Elizabeth Lundstrum for MO House District #161

In my opinion, voting is one of the most important rights we have as American Citizens. On election days, it is important to vote and to vote for the right candidates. We all need candidates that are honest, and will fight tooth and nail for what is best for the community. Someone who can respectfully disagree with and compromise with the people on the other side of the aisle. We need Representatives and Senators who understand what it is like to be a citizen in southwest Missouri. For the people living in the 161st Missouri State House district, I believe that that candidate is Elizabeth Lundstrum.

Elizabeth is the mother of three children and has been a teacher for longer than I have been alive. I can’t think of anyone who is more committed to our community than Elizabeth. I have had the privilege of working on Elizabeth’s campaign for State Representative since the beginning of last summer. And I know that there is no one that you can count on more to represent you and your family. Whether she’s speaking at a campaign event or talking candidly with friends, her desire to bring the community together and work to better people’s lives is always there.

I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Lundstrum does as a State Representative, but she can’t get elected unless we all support her and what she stands for. Election day is November 6th, make a plan to get out and vote!





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