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This month, Julie chose The Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri as its organization of the month!


We spoke with the community outreach coordinator, Arielle Speer, about The Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri – a great organization to get involved with here in Joplin (and Carthage!) with many fantastic goals. Here is a little bit more about them!

“In total we have 20 Green Party chapter members that have paid their dues and many other community volunteers that attend our events. I served as a Bernie Delegate and choose to support the Green Party when I realized the need for more than just two-political parties. I worked as a Green Party Ballot Access Coordinator with hundreds of others across the state to secure the Green Party on the Missouri ballots, but this was just the first step. I identified with Jill Stein and the Green Party’s progressive values and I saw that change can happen when we dig in and work for what we believe. I put out the call to the community to start a Green Party Chapter and in August of 2016 we officially passed our chapter bylaws in September 2016 to establish 1 of the 4 new Green Party Chapters in Missouri.” Arielle said.



The Green Party has a very influential and great following here in Joplin. Some of their key values include:

Key values:

  • Respect for everyone
  • Promoting oppressed populations related to diversity: LGBTQAP, minority groups, impoverished residents
  • Improving our political processes to include everyone and represent the people’s voice
  • Attacking corruption in politics
  • Bringing ethics and accountability into politics
  • Promoting green environmental practices and preserving our earth for generations to come
  •  Social justice, community-based economic issues, and respect for diversity issues are also prominent passions within the group.

The Green Party of Southwest Missouri has been very active in local as well as national issues as well:

Dakota Access Pipeline: One of the many things The Green Party Alliance of SWMO has done is fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). They have done so many great things such as local protests, letter writing and phone calls to the legislators, local fundraising for the brave men and women in Dakota now, and even sending aid directly to the cause!

Social Issues: “Our chapter stands firmly behind supporting diversity in people by advocating for Black Lives Matter, the protection of rights for refugees, the LGBTQAP community, women, refugees and other minority groups. We recognize that our society is set up in a way to benefit the wealthy elite, those that are Caucasian and male and we recognize the only way to bring about equality and social and economic justice is by bringing attention to these issues and demanding change.”

Some of the events to bring forward the awareness of those issues that the Green Alliance has done have been to participate in Carthage and Joplin parades to educate the public and they area sponsor of the Joplin Pride Festival 2017 as well!

Environmental issues: The Green Party advocates prominently for environmental issues. They have even adopted a highway in Duquesne that they keep litter-free and they are filing an objection to See Oils salt water injections in Farlington, Kansas as well as educating the public as to what entails.

Economic issues: “Living in an area that struggles with poverty and has a mean annual income of $28,201 as compared $34,855 of the rest of the state, we realize that supporting economic justice is important to our community. Issues related to affordable housing, the gender wage gap and access to services and healthcare are issues we are actively addressing. Our group believes that taking care of each other is the moral thing to do and our chapter looks for opportunities to give back and bring about economic justice through advocacy, volunteerism and policy change. One of our favorite projects is Jackets for Joplin. Jackets for Joplin through the Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri collects warm winter items and distributes them to agencies that support our homeless and impoverished residents.” Arielle said.

The Green Party Alliances meets in Carthage and Joplin twice a month on Saturdays. To get the dates and location check them out HERE! Or you can e-mail them at: . They welcome everyone to come to their meetings no matter what political affiliation or age.

If you are interested in learning about The Green Party as a national party , click here!

Positions within The Green Alliance:

Arielle Speer- Community Outreach Coordinator

Ron Burch- Co-Coordinator and Representative to the State Committee

Kyle Tucker- Co-Coordinator

C.J. Myers- Outreach Coordinator

Aaron Medina- Treasurer

Darrell Sour- Secretary


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