Missing in Missouri

By Jamie Lindsey

Keep your eyes open, always.

Do it to not only to be aware of your surroundings, but to assist in locating people who have gone missing. According to a DC government webpage on missing persons, 3,458 people went missing in 2018. This number remains consistent year after year. 

Growing up, I always feared I would be a part of that statistic. My mother worked in the criminal justice system and always preached stranger danger. I grew up paranoid and worried that at any time I would be taken. I grew up watching girls like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Lee Duggard’s faces being blasted on the news channels, the public frantic to find them. And they were found, alive — unlike thousands of others. I can’t imagine the utter fear and panic a parent would feel if they couldn’t contact or find their child. I can’t imagine how a husband would feel if his wife went on a run and didn’t return. It’s crucial that we continue to share stories of missing people, even long after cases have gone cold. 

If you think you have seen one of the following people, please contact your local police department. If you need to make an anonymous tip, you can do that here: https://wetip.com/.

If you believe your child is missing, ACT IMMEDIATELY. Call local law enforcement first, then call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: 800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678).


Aubrey Dameron



Aubrey Dameron is an American Indian trans woman who went missing on March 9, 2019. She hasn’t been seen since about 3:30 a.m. that morning in Grove, Oklahoma. The one lead in the case was a woman who called Aubrey’s father to try to extort money from him, saying Aubrey owes drug money and she will be let go if her father sends money. Unfortunately, even though this woman was charged with extortion, police later found it was a hoax and she “allegedly” had no idea where Aubrey was but was taking advantage of an opportunity (which is sick). Leads have gone cold, there hasn’t been an article written about Aubrey for months. Aubrey deserves just as much attention and justice as every other victim. We need to find Aubrey! If you have any information on the location of Aubrey Dameron, please contact your local police station. 


Sarah Burton


The circumstances surrounding Sarah Burton’s disappearance are also suspicious. Sarah was last seen in July 2018 on 10th and Rex St. in Joplin. Since her disappearance, she has not been active on any social media and has yet to contact any family members. Back in April 2019, Joplin citizens were on the edge of their seats to see the results of the search warrant served in South Joplin that police believed had ties to Sarah’s disappearance. Police even searched the pond on the property and the surrounding areas, but found no sign of Sarah. So where is she? Did something happen to her at the residence on 10th and Rex? Did someone take her away from the area? What happened? How does someone go missing without a trace? The FBI has a $5,000 reward for anyone with information about Sarah’s whereabouts. Keep your eyes peeled, let’s try to bring Sarah home to her family. 


Freida Louise Franks


Many people have probably not heard of Freida Franks or the information surrounding her disappearance on August 17, 2001. It’s very grim, I might add, and doesn’t seem to be good news. Freida met with a friend named Mark Terrell Walsh and an unidentified 11-year-old girl and went camping near Beaver lake, according to reports. Mark Walsh and the 11-year-old were found in Arkansas, without Freida. The alleged story is that Mark Walsh tried to sexually assault and rape the 11-year-old, and Freida tried to stop him. Once she tried, a struggle took place, and Freida was allegedly stabbed or killed. But her body has never been found. Walsh is in prison for the rape and sodomy of the 11-year-old, but he’s gone back and forth on what happened to Freida, even claiming “she tripped and fell on the knife and took off and we never saw her again.” Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the circumstances are in Freida’s favor, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve to rest in peace. We need to find Freida! If you have any information about Freida’s whereabouts, please contact your local police station. 


Tracy A. Pickett

(left, Tracy 1992, right, age progression to 40)

Where is Tracy? The circumstances surrounding Tracy’s disappearance are extremely suspicious. This is a case that literally keeps me up at night thinking about what could have possibly happened. On August 11, 1992, Tracy left her home in Joplin, Missouri to go to Webb City to stay the night with a friend. That night there was a party at the residence and witnesses claim to have seen a man named Al watching her and asking her if she was wearing panties. That night, Al offered to drive her to her home in Joplin so she could change, and that was the last time anyone saw Tracy. The story gets even weirder. “Al” ended up being found and was a man named Lowell Andrew Billy, who had a prison record and claimed to have dropped Tracy off at a pawn shop in downtown Joplin. There were two messages left on Tracy’s mom’s answering machine by an unknown female, one saying that Tracy was on her way home to get clothes. The circumstances get weirder when a neighbor who lived nearby saw a girl running down the alley screaming, “Get away from me! Leave me alone!” The next day witnesses reported seeing Billy cleaning out his van. He didn’t get charged with Tracy’s disappearance, but in 1993 was charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in Oklahoma.

There have not been any leads on Tracy in years. Although earlier this year, Joplin Police emptied out a pond in hopes of finding her. Unfortunately, they found nothing. This has been a cold case for a long time. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Tracy Pickett, please contact your local police department. 


The unfortunate reality is that at any time, one of your loved ones can go missing without a trace. There are currently 628 active missing adults and 421 active missing juveniles in the state of Missouri. What if that was your loved one or friend? What would you do? Please share this.

To find missing people, please visit: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/kidnap





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